Who she isEdit

Rose is the fastest thing (can run at the speed of light or faster) and is not actully a real hegdehog. Why she is not a real hegdehog is because she is actully a robot of somesort. Rose is 13, has red eyes, and can fly without chaos emerlds (because she can fly with her rocket shoes). On her right ear, she has a shut down button which shuts her down.


When Rose was being created, Sonic defeated Dr. Eggman (see what Eggman is on this page) and then Sonic came and took Rose to Tails. Tails said thatshe was a robot being created to destory him (Sonic). But she was seemed that her chamber was opened at a museum. She still had a few problems, so she broke threw the ceiling and flew to Mobus. Then she saw five animals, Icices, Kikyo, Slash, Platum, and Gold. (See what the five animals are on this page)

When she meet them, she was progamed to not destory Sonic, but be more helpful to him. (THIS IS IF SHE WAS A ACTUL

roses sprite

LY A SONIC CHARACTER THAT APPERS IN GAMES) But in Sonic 2006, when Silver (DANG IT SILVER) actully hit her (because shes supposed so be unhittable) and she was shut down for a RESON. That reson was because she needed serious repair, not just a open wire box.

Rose got relesed early in Sonic Colors (WHICH WOULD ALSO BE IF SHE WAS ACTULLY A SONIC CHARACTER). Which at the time five days later, she betraed Dr.Eggman and became a rouge for awhile. Then, she went back to the Sonic team because she was bored and starting to become apart of Metal Sonic's team.