Welcome to the Rose The Hegdehog WikiEdit

Hey! welcome to this wiki.

What up?Edit

Welcome! this wiki is just all about my madeup chacarter, Rose the hegdehog.

Somethings about herEdit

ROSE THE HEGDEHOG IS THE MOST POWERFUL CREATED HEGDEHOGS IN SONIC. Shes a smart 15 year old hegdehog with Powers like no other hegdehog, or sonic chacarter! Shes also the weirdest hegdehog because of her small amount in stuidpty. Shes brave, faster thatn sonic, and not a hyper one, well, sometimes. active, strong, and as fast as the speed of light, shes awsome to have as a Friend, not a Enemy.


Ok, i am NOT two different people that post on here all the time. i can't change the backround or anything because i forgot my other accounts password >:O

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